One of the most common services requested by our clients are simple transfers, especially from or to one of Panama City’s airports: Tocumen (PTY), Albrook (PAC) and Panamá Pacífico (BLB).

Tocumen (PTY). Located 25km away from Panama City’s Old Quarter, the Tocument International Airport is Panama’s oldest and largest airfield. Most international flights landing in Panamanian soil do so at Tocumen.

Albrook (PAC). Marcos A. Gelabert Airport, also known as Albrook Airport, is 5km away from Panama City’s Old Quarter. The only airline currently operating from this airport is AirPanama, who does most of the domestic flights, along with international flights to Medellín, Colombia, and San José, Costa Rica.

Panamá Pacífico (BLB). 12km away and across the canal from Panama City’s Old Quarter, this airport is located in the former Howard Air Force Base.Low-cost airlines VivaColombia and Wingo operate exclusively in this airport.

Our driver associates will wait for you at the specified airport with a sign with your printed name on it, to take you to your final destination, be it within Panama City or outside of it. The rates for a standard transfer to/from any of the three local airports, based on the number of passengers, is shown below.

1-2 passengers 3 passengers 4 passengers
Tocumen 30 USD 35 USD 40 USD
Albrook 12 USD 15 USD 18 USD
Panamá Pacífico 22 USD 26 USD 30 USD

We do more than just airport transfers. Another fairly common request is to take a customer from his or her hotel to one of the city’s largest shopping malls, like Albrook Mall or Multiplaza.  Or maybe to one of the beaches close to the capital.  Wherever you’d like to go, just send us a message and we’ll prepare a quote for you.

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