Welcome to Panama, Bridge of the World!

In Panama City, there are few public transport options and taxi fares are quite low, which translates into cabs being one of the most common services used to get around.  However, taxi and driver quality can vary wildly among a wide spectrum in Panama: the service provided can be excellent, but it’s fairly easy to fall into a terrible one.  This doesn’t mean the only way to play it safe is by hiring an expensive private tour, as cabs are a great way to explore the city and there are some exceptional taxi drivers roaming it.  Knowing them is the key to a great experience.

Panama in Taxi focuses in bringing together Panama City visitors and professional taxi drivers specialized in tourism.  We have met personally each of the drivers associated with Panama in Taxi.  They are highly-trained professionals with well-kept vehicles, who offer an excellent service at a great price.

Whether you’re looking for a simple transfer from any of Panama City’s three airports to a hotel, a tour including the capital’s most interesting landmarks, or a day trip to one of the neighboring towns, we can assist you.  Take a look at our services, book your trip, and get to know Panama in a taxi!

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