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Take a look at the Panama section of some of the most popular travel forums, like TripAdvisor’s, and you’ll see one of the most commonly asked questions about Panama: Can someone recommend a taxi driver or tour operator for sightseeing in Panama City?

Getting around in public transport in Panama is complicated and the taxis, though fairly cheap, provide an inconsistent service, mainly because of there’s a wide spectrum of quality for the vehicle’s maintenance and the driver. Pedro García, one of the founders of Panama in Taxi, quickly developed a loyal customer base when he started to drive his taxi, mostly composed of foreigners who valued his way of driving, his honesty, his knowledge of Panama City, and above all, his dedication to his work and his clients. Nowadays, Pedro personally interviews each of the drivers associated with Panama in Taxi to ensure that the quality of the service provided is top notch.

We’re a young company who specializes in getting visitors and taxi together. More specifically, taxi drivers specialized in tourism and visitors who are eager to get to know Panama City this way. It’s important to emphasize that we are only a link between both parties. We do know personally all of the drivers, but none of them are Panama in Taxi employees; they’re all independent professionals. Part of our service is also helping out to plan our customers’ itineraries, which is done on our own, although the drivers do provide their thoughts on the proposed itineraries and are the ones who will change an itinerary once started if a customer wishes to do so.

We’re very passionate travelers ourselves, so we know firsthand what other travelers need and what they look for, and our goal is to help out customers have the best time enjoying the marvels of our tiny country, so they’ll go back home and tell their loved ones how beautiful and awesome Panama is. And obviously, we’d like to see them back in Panama.

So, who are we exactly? If you’re interested in knowing more about the founders, read on.

Carlos Ho Diéguez

Carlos Ho Diéguez

I’m a perfect summary of what Panama is like. Born with Chinese, Spanish and Panamanian grandparents, I’m one of many possible mixtures of the ethnic groups that have settled in Panama, a country who has been heavily transited for centuries. My last name is made of two foreign last names, a Cantonese one and a Galician one. Maybe all of this wandering done by my ascentors was fused in my genes, making me obssesed with traveling. When I was six years old, I did my first transatlantic flight, moving from Panama City to Madrid. I’ve visited more than forty countries in four continents and write about my travels on my blog, el perro viajante.  One of the reasons for me to start Panama in Taxi was a desire to help visitors have the greatest time possible in Panama City.

Pedro García Rangel

Pedro García Rangel

I’ve spent my whole life to providing services. I’ve sold encyclopedias, managed a hobby shop, handled customers in a call-center, and after my latest career change, I’m now a taxi driver. My focus has always been on my clients and their satisfaction, so this quickly took me to specializing in tourist services, given that visitors usually require the highest quality service available. I could be said that I started Panama in Taxi from the moment I sat behind my cab’s steering wheel for the first, but I hope that with this project, I’ll be able to help many more tourists enjoy their dreamed holidays in the capital or in the final destination of their choice within Panama.

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