The Caribbean Coast

The Panamanian Caribbean


  • Isla Grande.
  • Portobelo.

Time (aprox.): 8 hours.
Rate: 250 USD*.

This tour departs from Panama City, on the Pacific Coast, and after about an hour driving, visitors may enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean Sea and old time fortifications in the historic city of Portobelo.

Isla Grande
With a paradoxical (¿contradictory?) name, this small Caribbean island, is located a short distance away from Panama City, thus, has become a popular beach destination among panamanians looking for beautiful white sand beaches and restful waters. Surf, snorkeling between coral reefs or even trekking are some of the popular activities visitors enjoy on this island. But, in the end, most of the people prefer dive into the sea, or is there any better reason for coming to the Caribbean?

During Spanish colonial era, Portobelo gained great relevance and splendor, being one of the most important cities held by Spain in our continent. This port saw incredible amounts of gold and wealth that came from Peru on its way to the Iberian Peninsula. So much lushness catch the eye of pirates and corsairs, reason enought to defend the city with fortifications such as the Fortress of San Fernando and the Fortress of San Jeronimo. This defensive line, dating from  the XVII and XVIII centuries was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1980, for being such an excelent example of Spanish defensive architecture. Furthermore, Portobelo is well known in Panama for religious reasons. On it’s church, lies the image of a black Redeemer Christ, the famous Black Christ of Portobelo, miracle worker, whose celebration day lure thosands of devotees beyond the Panamanian limits, such as the case of the puertorican singer Ismael además célebre en Panamá por razones religiosas.  En su iglesia se encuentra una figura de un Cristo Redentor de piel negra, el famoso Cristo Negro de Portobelo, hacedor de milagros, cuya fiesta atrae a fieles de incluso más allá de las fronteras panameñas, como fue el caso del cantante puertorriqueño Ismael Rivera.

* Este precio solamente incluye el servicio de transporte, la consultoría para preparar la gira y las explicaciones de los conductores. Los gastos de las atracciones corren por cuenta del cliente.

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